Artistical interior decoration started out of love.

The courage to dream big

The desire to combine art with interior decor

We are grateful for what we have achieved. We are grateful that we can be fulfilling our dream about artistical interior decoration. 

" I had to create something timeless, sustainable and something I can call my own."

Timeless, but still one of a kind

Our founder Susanna had long dreamed of realizing her own business idea related to decorating. The main idea behind this idea was that it would be based on online shopping and decorating. Susanna has worked for a long time with furniture and interior design. She has developed a broad understanding of how trends change and the interior is often renewed with it. This had to be changed.

We had to create something timeless, unique and sustainable. A solution had to be found that would at the same time guide people to more responsible purchasing activities. In reality, we must also try to shape people’s idea that everyone can be who they are. This also applies to decorating. Interior design can be unique and still timeless, when it is implemented from the perspective of artistic interior design and, above all, responsibly.

After years of tuning the business idea and creative development, a refined operating model of how art should be combined with decorating was born. This is how “Artistical interior design” was born, the core idea for the online store in 2022. There were many upheavals in the world from a social point of view.

Susanna had painted paintings to exercise her own creativity purely as a hobby. There was a need to sell works. This served as a springboard to put the business idea into practice. You can get her paintings under the Atelier Blomgrens brand from our selections.


Combining art with interior decor


We decided to combine art with decorating. This is where the idea for creating an artistical interior decorating came from. A new kind of online store was born. We are now creating something new. In our selection you will find unique and individual products. We try to choose products that are made based on the inspiration of artists and designers in our selections. In addition, in our selections you will find wonderful wallpapers, furniture and other products to create artistical interior decoration.

Responsible online store

"A new responsible online store."

Our company’s mission is primarily to offer artistical interior design and we create our selection with this idea in mind.

In the future, our company’s vision is to be a new kind of responsible online store, with the basic idea to compile its selection in such a way that the customer gets the impression that the product is made by hand and delivered directly by the manufacturer, following the principles of responsibility.

We try to compile our selection from domestic manufacturers’ products, but primarily our operations are guided by offering a responsible selection, the product origin of which is, in accordance with our principles, realized by artists, designers and/or craftsmen. Most products are produced in small quantities.

Our customers are home and other space decorators who appreciate craft traditions, design and art. They are ready to acquire the most unique products and understand the added value produced by the manufacturing process.

We mainly carry out our business using the direct delivery method. Our idea is to try to put together our selection in such a way that it is as responsible as possible and thus supports our business principle of making products to order. In this way, we are able to reduce the environmental load and minimize storage. We choose our partners based on this.


Our values are guided by courage

The values of our business are based on the core idea that we give the opportunity to dream big, love infinitely and enjoy everything, both small and big moments.

Our values are guided by the courage to realize things in our own way. It’s courage to be yourself, just the way you want to be. We want to convey this idea to you as well. Just be who you are. So are we. We are a new type of online store for artistical decoration, whose goal is to promote creativity in all its forms.

"From love to decorating."

"From the courage to Dream Big."


"Desire to combine art and decor."

First of all, we base everything,



Susanna Blomgren

Creative Director


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